About the companyBinima.



BINIMA offers advanced technological services, working with its clients to put their ideas and projects into action.

We’re proud to be part of a team with an attitude and a passion for technology, offering professional services that contribute comprehensive solutions.

We like to do things differently: we listen to our clients and work with them on their projects, bringing a high degree of professionalism and a very personalised approach to every job.



Binima’s success is essentially due to its team. The commitment and respect that exists between all of the company’s internal and external members is one of Binima’s defining features.


The work team has to maintain the highest ethical and moral criteria in all its attitudes and behaviour.

Constant improvement

The firm stays competitive through a constant desire for improvement, at both collective and individual level. This entails ongoing improvement in quality and a capacity for innovation through enterprising attitudes towards future developments.

Participation and communication

We need to remove any barrier to initiative and communication, in order to promote the participation of all members, by trusting in their creativity and enthusiasm.

02.Business Strategy

We advise our clients on their initial business idea or specific project. Our business strategy team offers their vision and works with the client to prepare a roadmap, listing the actions to be carried out in order of priority.

We offer companies and start-ups personalised and realistic solutions that will promote their business model and make the most of the services or products they offer the market.

We can also detect new business opportunities that require a digital strategy and which include a technological and communication plan.

03.Flexible Methodology

Working methodology based on Design thinking.

Our process makes the most of collaborative work and each individual’s capacity to add something special, and works to unify different perspectives. The process identifies new prisms and different strategies.


What need has to be satisfied?


Why is it important?


How do we solve it?


How do we create it?


Does it work?

Our goal is to understand the ideas and concerns posed by our clients and come up with the best solution to address them.

We meet with our clients as often as necessary. And the first thing we do is LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN again, in order to gain a full understanding of their needs. The atmosphere at these meetings is very relaxed. We drink water or refreshments. Sometimes we have sweets. All the time, we’re looking to generate empathy and capture sensations and ideas.

If there’s anything we don’t understand, we keep pestering and asking questions till we do. At this initial stage in our work, it’s essential to work shoulder to shoulder with our clients. And that means: WORKING AS A TEAM to identify possible problems and come up with the right solution.

Once we’re all clear about the first ideas, we stick PostIt notes up on the walls—lots and lots of them. We write things down, cross them out, rewrite them. We go through scores of markers, sheets of paper and ball-point pens. We take photos (and sometimes videos), and we look at them over and over again.

Everything is very visual and the end result is a series of ideas that are both innovative and technically feasible. We write all these ideas down, but we don’t judge them; at this stage, every idea is valid. Anyone making value judgements is sent out!

Once we’ve gathered all the ideas, identified possible problems and compiled all the information, the time has come to make prototypes. First we build low-fi prototypes to bring the ideas to life and look at possible solutions.

We work flat-out on these prototypes, analysing them and sharing solutions and improvements, problems, etc... anything that adds value to the process. We organise focus groups, recording and analysing everything that comes up. Our clients have complete freedom to change things, highlight any deficiencies, make suggestions and raise any issues they consider important.

Once this part is finished, we build hi-fi prototypes to test out the ideas that clearly and concisely reflect the solution or solutions we’ve developed to address our clients’ ideas and concerns. These prototypes reflect all the functions that have to be included in the project, with all relevant processes and interactions, properly identified and documented.


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