ServicesNative Apps.

01.Our proposal

We develop mobile applications in native code and multiplatform technologies for smartphones and tablets. We advise you honestly on the best technology to develop your APP.

Native APPs vs Hybrid.

We do not like anything about the native vs. hybrid war. Why? Because both ways of programming a mobile application are valid.

Each project has specific objectives; functionalities, performance, user experience, etc, and to meet those objectives we will guide you on which technology is the best for your project.

02.Na tive APPs

We design and develop custom applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android in native code.

Swift and Objective-C programming languages for iOS y Java for Android.

We take care of all the details to turn the ideas of our clients into efficient and easy to use applications.

03.Hybrid APPs

Desarrollamos APPs híbridas iOS/Android con Apache Cordova (HTML5) y React Native.

React Native es el framework de Facebook basado en ReactJS, y que proporciona una manera de construir APPs utilizando React y JavaScript.

Este tipo de aplicaciones suponen un menor coste que las aplicaciones nativas y ofrecen en general una experiencia de uso muy cuidada.