01.What is IOT?

IoT es la abreviación de Internet of Things (internet de las cosas) que nos quiere transmitir la siguiente idea: los objetos pueden comunicarse inalámbricamente a través de internet con otros objetos o servicios y pueden comportarse de maneras distintas.

Overcoming connectivity barriers

We design and implement solutions that connect devices, processes and other M2M assets, automatically monitoring and recording data.

Nowadays, with the competitive price of 3/4 / 5G connections, the wide implementation of Wi-Fi networks and the energy efficiency of certain wireless technologies, the aim is to overcome this "barrier" by providing objects with a wider connectivity and eliminating distances that were previously impediments or very costly solutions.


We do not reinvent the wheel, at present there are many hardware prototyping platforms such as Arduino, RapberryPi, Intel Edison or BeagleBone .

This type of platforms allow a very fast prototype and are products that have a lot of market penetration. We also design the PBC (Printed Circuits) and send them to local manufacturers or manufacturers in China.

Objects with integrated Wifi

These low prices for broadband connections and routers have created an ideal scenario, since today almost all homes and offices have WIFI access to the Internet.

The manufacturers we work with:

ESP8266Arduino YuOther manufacturers

Objects with integrated Bluetooth

BLE technology, is the abbreviation Bluetooth Low Energy that is revision 4 of the wireless specification. It has such low power consumption that a BLE device could be powered with a CR20232 button cell battery for months, even years.

The manufacturers we work with:

BlueGiga BLE122NordicOther manufacturers BLE


The Wearables is the way we call the technology that dresses, which is carried on, such as a watch, a heart meter, etc ... Technology has evolved to a point where we can incorporate sensors of all kinds in a clock or in a bracelet, and these can give us information about our day to day as for example: quality of sleep, calories consumed, kilometers traveled, etc.

The Wearables in the IoT world are a great ally since you can obtain information from a person constantly and this is stored for further analysis, such as medical monitoring. In a watch or bracelet that we are wearing we can have information about our steps, and we have the possibility to complement it with meteorological information for example.

In this type of device the smartwatchs acquire a lot of prominence, since they make our life easier by showing the notifications of the messages / emails or they tell us who is calling us without having to take the phone out of our pocket or backpack (very useful if it goes bike).